Amsterdam Science Park

70 hectares of education, exploring and enterprising

Science Park Amsterdam is located on the east side of Amsterdam. It covers an area of 70 hectares, which is the size of 98 football pitches. The science park occupies a prominent position in the field of scientific research, IT and Life Sciences, and intends to develop into a science park of European renown. It is a place where Education, Exploring and Enterprising interact. 

This juncture of prestigious education, high-quality research and knowledge-intensive business encourages its users to benefit from each other’s presence and knowledge. Science Park Amsterdam is a joint development being fronted by the University of Amsterdam (UvA), the City of Amsterdam and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.


Science Park Amsterdam is home to the UvA Faculty of Science. The Faculty accommodates some 2,500 students, studying subjects such as Biology, Computer Sciences, Astronomy, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Physical Geography. In 2012, Amsterdam University College (AUC) will also be based here. AUC will offer courses to 600 to 900 of the very best national and international students. Talented students, future leaders, will learn to think and work beyond the boundaries of language, culture and discipline. 
The area will function as a campus. In addition to education, it will be a place for students to life, participate in sports and visit the bars and restaurants.


Science Park Amsterdam has the highest concentration of publicly-funded research in the Netherlands. The area is home to three Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research institutes: the FOM Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics, the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Sciences and the National Institute for Subatomic Physics. The UvA’s Faculty of Science and SARA Computing and Networking Services are also based here.

Pioneering research
The hundreds of researchers working within these institutes include several winners of the Spinoza Prize and European Research Grants. They carry out pioneering and inspirational research into fields including multimedia, grid computing, visualization, system biology, nanophotonics, cryptology, smart grids, particle physics and microscopy.

What is fundamental research?
The knowledge institutes based on Science Park Amsterdam mainly conduct fundamental research, which aims to develop the building materials for innovative products and services. In this way, they are contributing to solutions to social problems, including those relating to health and energy.


Many of the businesses operating from Science Park Amsterdam specializes in IT and Life Sciences. The proximity of leading scientists, a valuable pool of well-trained students and high-quality technical facilities such as the AMS-IX (the largest Internet exchange in Europe, interconnecting hundreds of networks), makes this an attractive location for businesses.

Meeting places

Science Park Amsterdam offers various catering and conference facilities, as well as sports amenities. You can participate in a sport at Universum sports centre, or you could join someone for lunch, dinner or a drink at the Polder café-restaurant or the Oerknal (Big Bang) café. The Science Park also caters for meetings.

A lot of thought went into designing Science Park Amsterdam. It is a place where people from the universities, institutes and enterprises meet each other.


The fast connection with the nearby motorways makes Science Park Amsterdam easily accessible by car, as well as by public transport or bike. Bus 40 and peak-time bus 240 have bus stops on the site and several trains stop at Amsterdam Science Park station every hour.

More information

For more information about Science Park Amsterdam, please contact the marketing and communication team: 
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